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Siren is a mobile application for reporting on marine mammals and other aquatic wildlife sightings along the West coast of Africa. Siren also allows the documentation of threats to aquatic animals and their habitats including poaching, illegal fishing, pollution, nest digging, etc... Moreover the application also enables its users to document marine mammal food species. Data collected through this application is being used to evaluate and map the distribution of and threats on marine mammals and other aquatic wildlife species along the west coast of Africa with the aim to improve their conservation status. The webmap of all the reported sightings is available and accessible for view on AMMCO website:
The main target users are people such as fishermen, gas and oil platform staffs, who exert a legal occupational activity inshore or offshore of any of the water bodies including the sea, the ocean, rivers, lakes, mangroves, etc… The application is also design for scientific researchers and tourists.

The Siren Apps was developed by the African Marine Mammal Conservation Association (AMMCO) with the support of the “Fonds Français pour lEnvironnement Mondial” (FFEM), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

For more information about the application or to give feedback, please email AMMCO through the following address: